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Brand Name(s): Geodon; Zeldox
CAS nº: 146939-27-7
(zih PRAISE a don)

What is Ziprasidone?

Ziprasidone is an antipsychotic medication and works by changing the effects of chemicals in the brain.

This medication is used to manage the symptoms of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia that may include hearing voices, seeing things or sensing things that are not there, mistaken beliefs, unusual suspiciousness, or becoming withdrawn from family and friends.

Additionally, this drug is also used to treat bipolar disorder and acute mania.

Ziprasidone is marketed under the brand names Geodon® and Zeldox®. The name Geodon® was chosen specifically with the phrase 'down (don) to earth (geo)' in mind, thus referring to the goals of the medication.

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