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Tuesday 01 November 2005

Ziprasidone therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder.

By: Siddiqui Z, Marcil WA, Bhatia SC, Ramaswamy S, Petty F.

J Psychiatry Neurosci 2005 Nov;30(6):430-1

We describe the cases of 2 men with chronic combat-induced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who benefited from therapy with ziprasidone. They did not have active psychotic symptoms. Both the patients had a history of inadequate response to previous trials of different psychotropic agents. Ziprasidone was considered because of its broad-spectrum actions on various neurotransmitters. To our knowledge, this is the first published report of the usefulness of ziprasidone in the pharmacotherapy of PTSD, although atypical antipsychotic agents (e.g., olanzapine, quetiapine and risperidone) have been reported to be beneficial in the treatment of this condition.

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