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Monday 01 December 2003

Intramuscular ziprasidone for acute agitation in adolescents.

By: Hazaray E, Ehret J, Posey DJ, Petti TA, McDougle CJ.

J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol 2004 Fall;14(3):464-70

Several neuropsychiatric disorders in children and adolescents often present with aggressive behavior. In fact, aggression is one of the most common reasons for psychiatric admission for inpatient hospitalization. Psychotropic medication can be helpful in reducing the need for more restrictive interventions, such as seclusion or restraint. The use of "as needed " (PRN) medications has been reported to decrease seclusion and restraint in a university-affiliated hospital setting. In our study, we report the cases of 3 youngsters whose escalating aggression responded to intramuscular ziprasidone with an immediate calming effect and good clinical outcome.

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