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Wednesday 01 December 1999

Ziprasidone and the activity of cytochrome P450 2D6 in healthy extensive metabolizers.

By: Wilner KD, Demattos SB, Anziano RJ, Apseloff G, Gerber N.

Br J Clin Pharmacol 2000;49 Suppl 1:43S-47S

AIMS: To determine whether ziprasidone alters the metabolizing activity of the 2D6 isoenzyme of cytochrome P450 (CYP2D6). METHODS: Twenty-four healthy young subjects aged 18-45 years were screened for CYP2D6 metabolizing activity and shown to be extensive metabolizers of dextromethorphan. These subjects were then randomized to receive a single dose of ziprasidone 80 mg, paroxetine 20 mg or placebo, 2 h before receiving a dose of dextromethorphan. Urine samples for the determination of dextromethorphan concentrations were collected over the 8 h period following dextromethorphan dosing, and used for the determination of dextromethorphan/dextrorphan ratios. Blood samples were collected immediately before and up to 10 h after the administration of ziprasidone or paroxetine, and used to derive pharmacokinetic parameters of ziprasidone and paroxetine. RESULTS: There were no statistically significant changes in the urinary dextromethorphan/dextrorphan ratio in the ziprasidone group or the placebo group. By contrast, there was a 10-fold increase in the urinary dextromethorphan/dextrorphan ratio in the paroxetine group and this differed significantly from those in the ziprasidone and placebo groups (P = 0.0001). CONCLUSIONS: The findings of this study suggest that ziprasidone does not inhibit the clearance of drugs metabolized by CYP2D6.

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