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Sunday 01 January 2006

A systematic review of the efficacy and safety of second generation antipsychotics in the treatment of mania.

By: Jones RM, Thompson C, Bitter I.

Eur Psychiatry 2006 Jan;21(1):1-9

Second generation antipsychotic agents are increasingly used in the management of acute mania. A systematic review of the efficacy and safety of these agents, as both monotherapy and in combination with mood stabilisers, was performed to establish the evidence for their use. Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) were critically appraised in more detail than studies that presented lower levels of evidence such as case reports, case series and open label follow up studies. We found 11 RCTs reporting on patients treated with second generation antipsychotics for acute bipolar mania, of which three included randomisation between the second generation antipsychotic and placebo, and eight between a mood stabiliser combined with either the second generation antipsychotic or placebo. Data from non-randomised trials is also presented.

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